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In Hydro, we are committed to creating long-term value for our shareholders and delivering a competitive total shareholder return.

  • Attractive long-term industry fundamentals: Growing demand for aluminium supported with substitution trends.
  • Synergies and flexibility within knowledge and positions throughout the aluminium value chain: From raw materials to end-customer solutions and closed-loop recycling. 
  • Industry leadership in sustainability as a long-term license to operate: The industry’s lowest carbon footprint, supported by high share of renewable energy sources and continued growth in recycling. We put high effort into HSE and CSR/ESG initiatives. 
  • Adding value through high-end products based on technology leadership and innovation: Our product and process innovation include the world’s most energy and climate efficient aluminium production at the Karmøy technology pilot. 
  • Marketing and sales of the low-carbon brands Hydro REDUXA and Hydro CIRCAL
  • Expansion of renewable energy portfolio from hydro-electric power position to wind, solar and hydrogen. Establishment of two fully-owned entities that offers renewable energy solutions to industries.
  • Partnerships and JVs within batteries and recycling of batteries.
  • Improvement culture, operational and commercial excellence: We have a proven track record of continuous efficiency improvements, lifting earning potential since 2009. 
  • Strong relative industry positions: World-class assets, high-end products and leading market positions. 
  • Financial strength and flexibility: Strong balance sheet and liquidity allows us to navigate the industry cyclicality, enables disciplined capital allocation and results in predictable and competitive dividend.