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Efficient, flexible and sustainable 

Aluminum is one of the most used materials in modern buildings because: 

  • Aluminum improves energy efficiency in buildings 
  • The high strength-to-weight ratio minimizes the loads on a building’s supporting structure 
  • Its natural resistance to corrosion leads to a long service life 
  • The design flexibility makes it a favorite among engineers and architects 
  • It can be anodized or painted, which gives it even more durability and corrosion resistance – and meet any decorative desires

Complete systems and local adjustments 

We deliver everything from casthouse products to extruded and rolled aluminum solutions for your project, as well as complete systems for the building envelope. Our brands Sapa, Technal and WICONA develop and manufacture complete systems, while our local manufacturing plants produce architectural extrusions as well as strip and sheet that fit your own systems.

Hydro’s new low carbon aluminum products Hydro 75R® and Hydro 4.0™ make it possible to meet even the highest standards of sustainable buildings.

Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about our offering within building